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TX recently had his episode (S1E4) of HBO's The Rehearsal with Nathan Fielder premiere on Friday August 5th. The streaming service is getting much praise and buzz around the uniqueness and concept of the show, which just got the green light for a season 2. TX is humbled and grateful to make the edit and work with Nathan, a smart and innovative talent/comedian/director


TX collaborated with long-time friend and acclaimed Hawaiian-Mixed photographer and visionary, Mahinahokukauikamoana Choy-Ellis, for their concept studio shoot NEW INTROSPECTION. x MCE. A taste to Mahina's style and form, best capturing and leading Hawaiʻi in its cultural renaissance of photography

New Musical, Aloha ʻOe, Workshopped at U.S.C

TX consulted his brother, T.J. Tario, as he and playwright, Velina Hasu Houston, collaborated in creating a musical telling of the illegal annexation of the Hawaiian Kingdom and its last queen, Queen Liliʻuokalani. For one semester students in U.S.C's School of Dramatic Arts Musical Theatre and Acting program learned and performed one act of Aloha 'Oe

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